Creepyyeha Garter, Garters, Harness, Garterbelt, Choker, Belt Review

This is my first blog post! I will start off with a review! 
Everything listed below is my honest opinion on all the products and customer service, all photos below were taken on my iPhone 5S.
This is not my first time ordering from Yeha Leung.

All items can be purchased from:

Quality 5/5+: Real leather (faux optional), all the items material quality is superb. Nothing will fall apart on you!

Price worth 5/5: $516.45 Can be kinda pricey for some people, but the quality makes it worth it!

Creativity 5/5+: One of a kind original items from Yeha, no replicas will come from her.

Sizing 5/5+: Everything fits PERFECT, if you don't see your size you can message her and ask to customize an item for you! None of my garters slip or slide and everything stays on as it should and it's comfortable.

Customer Service 5/5: Responds to emails quickly and properly! She's very kind and thoroughly replies to all questions. 

Packaging 5/5+: My items came nicely wrapped up in mesh bag within a nicely wrapped box. She used USPS Priority mail to send it to me and everything arrived perfectly. 

Shipping 4/5: $21.45, her wait time is quite long but she does tell you before hand how long it'll take. My order took almost 2 months to get to me, she shipped a few days later than she told me but she sent an apology email. 

+* Beyond expectations

Creepyyeha Overall: 10/10


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