[Sponsored] Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Hey everybody! Today I'll be giving my HONEST opinion on this popular wristwatch we've all been seeing around the fashion world. Check out their site for a wide variety of styles, the site is easy to use and has beautiful photos!

(All photos are my own and have no editing or photoshop)
(Company photo on website)

Daniel Wellington - Classy Sheffield Women's Watch

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Price: 4/5, $149

Design: 5/5


Shipping: 5/5+ Free Shipping

As Expected: 5/5+


+ = beyond expectations
Overall: 5/5
The quality is good and the price is reasonable for the quality you get. The watch works perfectly as it should, the timing is spot on. The leather on the band was a bit stiff so it took me a few days to get it to fit the shape of my wrist. So, you'll have to mess with it and flex it a bit. I really do love this watch, I've been looking for a simple black and silver watch for months now! I'm super happy with the size of it too, it's very petite and fits me perfectly! The photo on their website before you purchase it is 100% accurate to what you receive. The part I love about this company is I got the item in TWO days, the shipping is phenomenal! It came packaged all nicely in a box, I have zero complaints on the shipping. I wish every company shipped as well and quickly as Daniel Wellington! I'm very pleased with the rate of how quickly they responded to my questions and concerns via email. Their website is very clean and clear and easy to navigate, they have multiple styles and colors to choose from! I highly recommend this brand.