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I will not be providing a link to the website.
I only provide links to sites that I would purchase from myself.
I promise to always say the truth and take a risk at not receiving potential sponsorships because I'd rather be honest and not promote a company I don't find quality or have horrible customer service.

Knee Garters 0/5
Quality: 0/5, immediately fell apart the moment I got it. All the studs fell off and were screwed on poorly. The stitching was sloppy and the corners weren't full stitched down therefore causing discomfort and itching, I was unable to wear them due to this. The materials were all very cheap, very disappointed. 

Described: 5/5, it looks just like the photo that was sent to me before receiving it.

Creativity: 0/5, I was later informed that this item is a replica of one of Creepyyeha's items.

Sizing: 0/5, I was unable to wear them due to the poor sizing. Before I got my item she asked for my measurements, when I received the item both garters were different sizes. Therefore, I was unable to wear one cause it would slide off, besides that I was unable to wear it due to discomfort from poor quality material and stitching. 

 Packaging: 5/5, the packaging was cute and came in a clear lace bag like all other lingerie/accessory sellers on Storenvy. It also came with a free lingerie piece featured above. The lingerie is cute but cheap also, the top fits me but it's kinda scratchy but the bottoms are way too big. 

Shipping: 4/5, $5.50 it came in 7 days very pleased, I didn't wait long.

Price: 0/5, $40 I don't think it was worth the price at all because of the bad quality and it didn't even fit.

Customer Service: 5/5+, Vanessa responded super quickly to emails and was very kind. I originally purchased the knee garters myself and after receiving them I emailed Vanessa about my disappointment in the quality of her stuff. She immediately fully refunded me and sent me a free harness as compensation (review on harness below). I was kinda disappointed that her quality was so bad because she was actually a really nice person. 

Harness 0/5
Quality: 1/5, I'm having a hard time judging this based on the absurd price of this product in her store. This item is better made than the garters slightly, only because it actually didn't fall apart but the quality still wasn't amazing. My problem with this also is the spikes are misplaced therefore they come in contact with ur skin and they pricked me a lot therefore I couldn't wear it comfortably. The price is insane I definitely don't think it's worth it at all for the quality you get. This item can be easily made at home and all the materials are super cheap and easy to find, it's kinda what I expected in quality in comparison to the garters she made. If you don't spend a lot of time or money on one item I doubt your work ethic on the others would be any different. 

Described: 5/5, it looks just like the photo that was sent to me before receiving it.

Creativity: 1/5, I've seen similar stuff like this before nothing out of the norm.

Sizing: 3/5, It's a ONE SIZE FITS ALL item, I wear a 32A bra and my sister wears a 36DD and were both able to wear it but it fits us both differently. I found it very tacky how the back of it was tied together with a cheap ribbon and was hot glued at the ends to make sure the ribbon didn't unwind when cut. 

 Packaging: N/A, I accidentally threw it out therefore I forgot what it looked like sorry. 

Shipping: 5/5, (FREE FOR ME), it came in 16 days and was free so no complaints from me. Don't forget I never ordered this and this item was compensation for my complaints on the previous item I purchased.

Price: 0/5, $80 (FREE FOR ME) I don't think it was worth the price at all because of the bad quality, there's a lot more stores online that sell better quality for the same price.

Customer Service: 5/5+like I said above Vanessa is extremely nice and responds very quickly but sadly her shops quality needs lots of improvements. 

I feel really bad leaving this poor review on Fragile Pony shop but the quality is definitely not worth it at all. The shop owner, Vanessa, is super kind and has THE BEST customer service! She just needs to work on her quality and make it worth the price or drastically decrease the costs of her shop. I would not purchase from this shop again or recommend it to anyone currently. Some of her items are replicas of other designers, therefore they lack originality. 


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