House of Lashes Review: Siren, Precious, & Feline

Hello everyone!
Today I will be reviewing the company House of Lashes and 3 types of lashes for a total of 9 lashes! 
I purchased 3 sets (you can buy as singles) of 2 top false lashes & 1 bottom pair on Cyber Monday! 

(3 Set photos from

 Feline Precious
Feline Precious
Bonus eye movement while wearing lens!
No makeup, circle lens, or false lashes on.

Quality: I really love these lashes! I might rank them a tier below MAC lashes but they're definitely great quality, way better than your average drug store! Although, the FELINE did have a black band unlike the other two. I prefer the invisible band but I didn't know, I still love them though! These are good quality and I've already worn each 3 times, you can definitely reuse them as long as you take good care of them!

Sizing: The band size was perfect for me and I didn't have to cut anything! They are quite flexible and not stiff or thick at all! The length of the lashes were perfect for me, I love really bold thick and long lashes! 

Feline: Originally 3 pack: $27 or 1 pair $7. Currently on sale for $18! 
Precious: Originally 3 pack $21 or 1 pair $7. Currently on sale for $18! 
Siren: Originally 3 pack $27 or 1 pair $9. Currently on sale for $22!
I bought these lashes on sale, on cyber Monday, and I had a coupon. So essentially I got 3 discounts and paid a total of $46.76 USD for 9 eyelashes! Original price would have been around $80! I will say that these lashes are slightly on the pricey side but they're definitely worth it! You can often times find coupons floating  around and they have random sales!

Shipping: I received them in 8 days, although their policy said 2-4 days.  

Packaging: The packaging was cute and sturdy! 

Customer Service: They emailed me immediately with a order confirmation and also when they shipped my item! Furthermore, I contacted them questioning them regarding why my product hasn't been shipped they replied an hour later! 

Accuracy: They look exactly like the photo, I'm very pleased! 

Website: The site is easy to navigate and I find it to be very physically appealing! 

Would I buy from them again?: Yes! I highly recommend them! 

I don't have any complaints regarding the product or the company! Their site is easy to use and find what you're looking for since it's not scattered and it's easy to search by name or category. The quality is good the shipping (even when late) was fast! The packaging was adorable and the items look just like the photos! Although they're slightly pricey, it's easy to find discounts and they're worth it! The customer service was super quick and professional! 


  1. OMG these lashes are so well priced!!!!! Gosh if I knew I would've purchased them during Cyber Monday too!! They look super dolly and the packaging is so sweet.

    They look so gorgeous on you Alexa.

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

    1. OH and your new blog layout is so fantastic. I love how clean it looks!

    2. Oh thank you! I like how clean it is but I'm still not satisfied with it.. it's too girly for me. I think I kinda want something more plain/modern... still trying to fix it but I prefer the small photo and name of whats in the posts so it's easier to find what ur looking for isntead of infinte scrolling.. ya know?