Creepyyeha - Caged Tahliah Belt & Tall Tahliah Choker Review

Hello everyone!
Today I will be reviewing the brand Creepyyeha!
Regarding the purchases on the Caged Tahliah Belt & Tall Tahliah Choker. 
These two items are from the limited edition "Quiet, we are dreaming" collection.
A special request from @lululalolita on Instagram to make this review!

All my photos! Half the photos taken in 100% natural light & zero editing. The other half through iPhone with some editing for brightness.
If you wish to see photos of me wearing the items keep a look out on my Instagram or Lookbook!

Brand: Creepyyeha

Review Pros/Cons

QualityAbsolutely amazing! Both of the products are made from black vinyl, it's super smooth, reflects light, and very bendable (it is NOT stretchy). When I walk the metal ring does make a cling cling sound when it hits the other metals but I don't particularly mind. If you aren't aware the entire store is run by one woman named Yeha Leung and she hand makes everything herself. The craftsmanship is phenomenal all of her pieces are one of a kind and she even takes custom orders! Not a single scratch, dent, or misplaced piece on her creations. She even has her own branding on the items that say "Creepyyeha". The item is super sturdy and feels like good quality, I know it'll last me till my grave. 

PriceI know a few people always cringe at the price tags on her items but let me tell you. Quality > quantity. Essentially, I'd rather have a couple high end items than a ton of crap. Her pieces are all amazing quality, they will last you forever and never fall apart on you. "You get what you pay for".
  • Tall Tahliah Choker -  $85 USD
  • Caged Tahliah Belt - $160 USD

DescribedItem came identical to what was shown in the photo! Click on name of item to be directed to her website with stock photos.

SizingBefore ordering she has a set list of sizes XS-XL with measurements below it. If you don't see your size send her an email or buy the closest size and leave a note in the comments section with your measurements! My measurements are smaller than what she has listed so she had to custom make mine. They're adjustable so you can go slightly larger or smaller than your purchased size. 

PackagingIt came in a USPS priority mail box, then another priority mail envelope, wrapped in a cute black mesh bag with tissue paper surrounding my items. I absolutely love the new photo stickers she used to seal the tissue up! It also comes with her cute business card.

Shipping: $7, Only took 27 days! Super cheap and reasonable shipping! On her website it says she has a 2-8 week time frame after purchase for item to be made BEFORE shipped. So creating the product is what takes the most time, not the actual shipping. I know a lot of people don't like long waiting times for their items but I like that she does tell you beforehand how long it'll take, so you're not left in the dark. Well, lucky me it only took 27 days to get to my house! I ordered on February 17th, my items shipped March 13th, and arrived at my doorstep March 16th!

WebsiteI love the easy to use layout of her website and the smooth transitional color choices of it. You can use the tabs on the left hand side where you can narrow it down to specific item type or you can browse the entire site by color until you find what you wish to purchase. I find it really easy to navigate the site and find what your looking for, such as external links (ex: instagram, tumblr), contact and shipping information.

Customer Service She handles everything professionally, responds to emails quickly, and is so attentive and caring towards her customers. The fact she goes out of her way to make custom orders and sizing is incredible! I also love how she runs a Tumblr dedicated to customer appreciation. These types of things are what makes customers remember you and come back. Not only was the product quality great, but the person behind it is real and you grow attached to them. 

Well, I own about ten items from her Creepyyeha and I don't intend to stop there! I'm definitely a loyal returning customer. I will be returning to maybe pick up some old favorites or wait till that new Spring 2015 collection gets released! Yeha seriously covers every single aspect of her business in perfection. It's not only just acceptable, it's beyond expectations! I've been ordering from her for a few years now and every single time she shocks me with something new that just makes the experience better each time. Not only is her business top notch, but Yeha herself is a wonderful person and business woman, which is hard to come by... trust me.

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  1. Thank you Alexa ♡ This helped me a lot, cannot wait to be able to afford my favourite pieces from her limited new collection ♡ o ♡ You took really nice pics!

    1. You're welcome! :)
      Yay~ Post photos so I can see what you got and how you styled them ^.^
      Aw, thank you<3